YOUR nutrition…

YOUR Nutrition Ugh....this one is SO hard.  We have found ourselves bouncing back and forth between not having an appetite followed by eating everything in sight.  Neither extreme proceeds feeling your best.  While flexibility and not being super-rigid with your nutrition are of importance, a little focus on what's going into your body these days [...]

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Shimmer & Shine….

We all like to feel extra special every now and again.  May we suggest adding a little bling to your winter wardrobe to do JUST that. We hesitate to bring up embellishments and glitzy fashion suggestions at times because this trend can most surely intimidate when done incorrectly.  Thankfully, at market the options of GOOD [...]

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food & fashion…

Everything in life is made in pairs.  Shoes, gloves, and socks are just a few of the many items that exist as a set of two.  A pair, in actuality, is defined as a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.   Food and fashion often co-exist together as a pair [...]

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The Anatomy of a Cheese Board

While fashion is certainly number one on our fall priority list, fabulous food is near the top as well.  Every party, every gathering, and every other fall to-do includes food on its itemized list.  Just like there are fashion trends that withstand the test of time, certain elements of a menu are tried and true. [...]

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ful-FILLING & fabulous

Feeling good on the inside is certainly a strong, suitable accessory to any outfit.  As silly as that sounds, it is true!  At e.Allen, the ladies that work for Elizabeth know that to her, making a client feel secure and confident is the first step in achieving an on point look. What better way to [...]

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Tom Collins with a Twist of e.

Our very own, Elizabeth and Megan, took a quick trip to Miami last weekend for a ladies getaway. In addition to enjoying the sun, stopping by the Versace mansion, and brunchin’ it up at The Delano on South Beach, e. was inventing delicious concoctions of her own! While browsing a drink menu, Elizabeth made a [...]

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Winter Cocktail Recipes

Hosting guests during the holiday season can be trying at times. Between meal prep, coordinating the out-of-towners, and making sure the house is pristine, some things you just don’t have much time for. Let us give you one less thing to worry about and share with you a few of our favorite quick, easy, and [...]

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Currently Loving: WildTree

I think we can all relate to hitting the dinner time slump and opting out of cooking an elaborate meal. With all of the hurdles life throws at us, why not make dinner with ease? We have recently discovered Wildtree, a line of natural and organic products and recipes with you in mind! Wildtree provides [...]

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Boozy Popsicles

Summer is among us and we predict relaxing pool days in our near future. A key part of pool day fun are the snacks and refreshments you bring along to fuel your day. We’ve seen a new trend circulating that is such a fun blast from the past we had to try it ourselves. Boozy popsicles! [...]

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Recipe Alert! e.Allen’s Vanilla Mule

With the growth of Middle Tennessee in recent years, we’ve seen a surplus of new restaurants opening. Nothing is more fun than trying out a new menu and fun new drinks you’ve never had before! These unique experiences have inspired us to create a new drink of our own. Our spin on the classic Moscow [...]

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