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Restaurants are a dime a dozen in Nashville.  Literally, in every area there are a million choices.

While many of them get a cult-like following via popularity from tourists, there are so many GOOD options that often fly under the radar.  This spring, make an effort to expand your traditional go-to’s to include one of the hidden gems on Nashville’s culinary radar.  You might just add another “must” to your list.  From high end to everyday casual, our run down has you covered.

Kisser//This Japanese comfort food spot from a husband-and-wife duo is expected to be one of the most anticipated lunch jaunts to open in some time.  Growing much of the herbs and produce they serve on their own farm, Kisser will be an culinary venue for these two incredible chefs to serve the original cuisine they are known for.

Momotaro//Staying on the same asian-inspired note, let’s introduce Momotaro.  While it has yet to open, we are waiting with HIGH anticipation about this James Beard Award-winning restaurant in Chicago that is setting up shop in Nashville next!

Noko//East Nashville brings it….yet again. Noko provides classic numbers with an Asian-infused twist. With indoor and outdoor seating, your ambiance is your choice.  On the cocktail front, sip on libations that also showcase Noko’s woodfire technique, like the Wagyu-fat-washed Old Fashioned made with Japanese whisky.

Teddy’s Tavern//Open 11am-1am, this is one of the locals favorite places to gather and grub.  From cheeseburgers and cottage fries to deep friend macaroni and cheese, your finest comfort food options are here under one, 3-story tavern roof. Located in one of downtown Nashville’s oldest remaining buildings, Teddy’s Tavern is ready to be your go-to “neighborhood bar on Broadway.”

Hathorne//Located in Sylvan Park, this eatery is known for offering comfortable surroundings, shareable plates, and creative drinks. For those with special dietary needs, the menu focuses on seasonal and locally sourced produce and meats, with plenty of options for our vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free guests.

Yolan//Pair a Michelin-starred chef with a wine extraordinare…and insert Yolan into your upcoming restaurant ventures.  The fine-dining Italian menu and see-through cheese cave make this yummy spot a win-win.

Bastion//On one hand, Bastion is a serious dining venue. On the other, it’s a hopping bar.  Regardless of which route you choose, James Beard Award semifinalist Josh Habigar serves traditional fair with an unexpected, yet welcomed, twist.  The drink menu alone will have you coming back for more in no time.

June//Offering an extended tasting menu and just 37 lucky dining spots, this intimate culinary destination is as special as it is delicious.  Grilled lobster, fois gras, and black truffle spoon bread are just a sampling of what you might get to try if you are lucky enough to snag a seat.

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