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e.Allen at Fountains at Gateway in Murfreesboro


Metallic Moment

Metallics are a staple on the red carpet but can prove difficult to incorporate into an understated look. Though we are big fans of all things clothing,  we’ve found that metallics can be easily implemented into your day-to-day with beauty products! Try switching out one of your go-to makeup staples for one with a lot more shine. Whether tones of silver, gold, copper, or iridescent, incorporating a fun new product is a low-cost way to [...]

Currently Loving: WildTree

I think we can all relate to hitting the dinner time slump and opting out of cooking an elaborate meal. With all of the hurdles life throws at us, why not make dinner with ease? We have recently discovered Wildtree, a line of natural and organic products and recipes with you in mind! Wildtree provides you with non-perishable items and recipes to revolutionize the way you make dinner. The responsibly sourced Wildtree products that you [...]

It’s All in the Details

We’re closing in on the opening of our new and improved Murfreesboro location. With each passing day we are really starting to see the transformation of this new space into our dream flagship location! In collaboration with Shane McFarland Construction and Daffodilly Design, we’ve aimed to make your shopping experience the best yet! e.Allen Boutique’s journey began in Murfreesboro almost 9 year ago (CRAZY!) and we’ve worked to make our newest space truly feel like [...]

Time For Fall: CLUSE Watches

Few accessories complete a look quite like a classic watch. This ever-functional accessory is such a simple yet elegant way to show off your style! We recently began carrying CLUSE watches and we are loving each piece! Though minimal, there is truly a style of watch for every outfit, style, and occasion. Our current favorite? We’re loving the La Bohème model in rose gold and black. The olive green strap makes this an exciting color [...]