Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Allen

Owner + Buyer

Meet Our Team

Megan Warren

Operations Manager + Buyer

Meet Our Team

Tabitha Tripp

Operations Coordinator

Meet Our Team

Lex Tarrant

Social Media Coordinator

Meet Our Team

Maggie Parsley

PR + Copyright

Meet Our Team

Devan Todd

Graphic Design + Advertising

Meet Our Team

Kelsey Tomlin

Website Coordinator

Meet Our Team

Charlotte Macdonald

Nashville Lead

Meet Our Team

Katy Gold

Murfreesboro Lead

Meet Our Team


Franklin Lead

Meet Our Team

Christina Vogelzang

Nashville Assistant Lead

Meet Our Team

Lexi Gonzales

Murfreesboro Assistant Lead

Latest News & Events

Festival Fits….

Music and summertime go hand in hand.  From an evening concert to a festival-filled weekend, when the temperatures rise the need for GOOD music is on many of our agendas. Insert….the need [...]

Supergoop Love…

While you have hopefully done a fairly decent job with your skin upkeep through the winter months, it’s certainly better to start doing so now more than later. Enter: Supergoop.  This brand [...]

Memorial Day Musts…

Memorial Day is coming up.  The question is, are you ready? Be it hitting the lake with family and friends or simply gathering for a cookout or low key lunch over the extended holiday weekend, [...]


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