Meet Our Team

elizabeth allen owner buyer - e.Allen Boutique

Elizabeth Allen

Owner + Buyer

megan warren operations manager buyer - e.Allen Boutique

Megan Warren

Operations Manager + Buyer

maggie parsley pr copyright - e.Allen Boutique

Maggie Parsley

PR + Copyright

devan todd graphic design advertising - e.Allen Boutique

Devan Todd

Graphic Design + Advertising

lex tarrant social media - e.Allen Boutique

Lex Tarrant

Social Media + Website Coordinator

katy gold murfreesboro lead - e.Allen Boutique

Katy Gold

Murfreesboro Lead

jacey sims nashville lead - e.Allen Boutique

Jacey Sims

Nashville Lead

ashlyn neal franklin lead - e.Allen Boutique

Ashlyn Neal

Franklin Lead

Latest News & Events

Lock and Key…

The past year has certainly been unpredictable.  Be it economy, health, political realm, or anything in between…life has been the opposite of par for the course.  This unattainable sense of [...]

E’s threes…

As we close out the year at e.Allen, we are certainly rounding it out with some exciting and mentionable happenings.  After having to put so many of our thoughts and plans on the back burner [...]

I’ll Drink to That…

Perhaps this has been a common theme intertwined within the past year?  Whatever you are selecting as your beverage of choice, we hope you do so in style!  A good cocktail and an enviable [...]

Homeward Bound…

While previous holiday seasons had us jet setting and going to a myriad of places, this year is certainly giving us all a different vibe. Perhaps, a slight bit of travel is on some of your [...]


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