Private Parties

Private Parties2018-08-23T14:44:24-05:00

Host a birthday, holiday or other special occasion party in style! The special guest (or host) will receive 10% of the sales from the party in gift cards, and all guests will receive 15% off during your party. Don’t worry about bringing food or drinks. Instead coordinate those ‘complimentary’ details with us.


To discuss your upcoming event, call  855.846.4818 or submit your details below.


I’m With the Band…

Over the years, we have seen the band tee craze become an increasingly growing trend. While some thought it might be one that would fade over time, it most certainly has not. While e.Allen certainly caters to a French Minimalist and neutral approach, being able to mix high and low and sneak in some casual-chic vibes are skills our buyers and stylists truly thrive at.  Our social media account is perfect reflection of how our [...]

These are a Few of our Favorite Things….

By now, you have hopefully come across our infamous e.Allen Holiday Gift Guide. This annual publication is distributed via email and applicable through our e.Allen website. While we think all of our items in our stores are all pretty fabulous, our buyers and members of HQ (headquarters) comb the racks and find our tippy top favorites for you and yours!  Gift buying can certainly be daunting; therefore, we like to select some faves to minimize [...]

Shimmer & Shine….

We all like to feel extra special every now and again.  May we suggest adding a little bling to your winter wardrobe to do JUST that. We hesitate to bring up embellishments and glitzy fashion suggestions at times because this trend can most surely intimidate when done incorrectly.  Thankfully, at market the options of GOOD sequin numbers for us to purchase for e.Allen were endless.  From the runway to your closet, let's add some texture [...]

The Gift of Travel…

While a solitary gift is nothing to scoff at, the gift of a good getaway is one that truly possesses the capability to keep on giving in the days and weeks to follow. While all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season provides us with a good reason to get dressed up, a great vacay can give us an opportunity to get packing and fill our suitcase with a world of GOOD clothes. [...]