Private Parties

Private Parties2018-08-23T14:44:24-05:00

Host a birthday, holiday or other special occasion party in style! The special guest (or host) will receive 10% of the sales from the party in gift cards, and all guests will receive 15% off during your party. Don’t worry about bringing food or drinks. Instead coordinate those ‘complimentary’ details with us.


To discuss your upcoming event, call  855.846.4818 or submit your details below.



Some of us are warm weather people....others are lovers of all things fall and cooler temps.  Regardless of which way your fashion pendulum swings, one thing is for certain....fur is fabulous.  Whether wearing it to keep the cold temps at bay or popping a vest on as more of a statement maker, integrating some fur into your wardrobe is a fashion-must. The texture and feel a fur piece can bring to an outfit is immeasurable. [...]

Fall Preview 2019…

The biggest event of the season is almost here. Fall Preview is back and better than ever on Thursday, September 26th.  Our e.TEAM will be making it's way through every store, highlighting the IT looks for the season.  Whatever location your fashion home is, Elizabeth and her stylists will be ready to serve up some serious fashion tips, and of course some goodies, with you! From 10-noon, the Fall Preview event will kick off at [...]

Dazed in Denim…

Fall and Denim...a team that has certainly withstood the test of time.  When the brisk air starts to settle in, the chic and casual feel a good pair of denim brings is unmatched.  While we all sport denim as a year-round fashion staple, fall is just the right time to showcase why denim reigns as the style icon it is AND that it always has been. At e.Allen, we are all about building a capsule [...]

Wheels up…

While some of us are counting down the days to fall break beach vacays, our e.Allen founder and her partner in crime are mapping out their next buying trip at New York market in the days to come.  Elizabeth and Megan are a winning combo in the fashion world.  They are market-savvy to the extreme AND this fact is proven time and time again.  This season, just like those preceding, will surely not disappoint. While [...]