Private Parties

Private Parties2018-08-23T14:44:24-05:00

Host a birthday, holiday or other special occasion party in style! The special guest (or host) will receive 10% of the sales from the party in gift cards, and all guests will receive 15% off during your party. Don’t worry about bringing food or drinks. Instead coordinate those ‘complimentary’ details with us.


To discuss your upcoming event, call  855.846.4818 or submit your details below.


YOUR brain…

YOUR Brain... One upside to our newfound downtime during this unchartered time of COVID-19 is that we have more time to read and delve into other areas that help improve our brain function.  While extroverts are certainly hurting, introverts everywhere are cheering! While taking care of your body physically either through exercise or what you eat is of prime importance, feeding your brain with some food for thought is as well. Watching the news and [...]

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Your Exercise... We all have our favorite outlet for physical well-being.  While those of you with your Peletons are riding high, others are on the struggle bus.  If group exercise was your thing, you are probably hurting more than anyone. Rather than focusing on the negatives and longing for your long-lost exercise routine, it's time to think outside the box and leap out of that comfort zone.  Whatever you choose might not be the perfect [...]

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YOUR Nutrition Ugh....this one is SO hard.  We have found ourselves bouncing back and forth between not having an appetite followed by eating everything in sight.  Neither extreme proceeds feeling your best.  While flexibility and not being super-rigid with your nutrition are of importance, a little focus on what's going into your body these days is a topic of importance! At this point, we have all come across a length of memes that are beyond [...]

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YOUR Wellness.... We can't say it enough...YOU matter.  The way you start your day and the way you maintain your best "you" throughout can make or break this stressful time.  Yes, we are all going to have our own ups and downs; however, getting refocused and refreshed throughout the day is a way to let some positivity prevail. Establish a set wake up time.  Yes, early morning meetings and school start times are on a [...]