Metallic Moment

Metallics are a staple on the red carpet but can prove difficult to incorporate into an understated look. Though we are big fans of all things clothing,  we’ve found that metallics can be easily implemented into your day-to-day with beauty products! Try switching out one of your go-to makeup staples for one with a lot [...]

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Skin Protection 101

Welcome to summer in the south; where temperatures surpass 100 degrees and sometimes it feels impossible to escape from the summer sun. It’s important to remember that even on those cloudy days, UV rays can take a toll on your skin. Skin protection should be your #1 beauty priority this, and every, summer and we’re [...]

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Essential Oil Lotion for the Beauty Lover in Everyone!

Beauty products are an essential (and fun) part of almost everyone’s daily routine. We are constantly trying new products, chatting about our faves, and sharing our tips and tricks with our circle of friends. Today we have one of our favorite tips to share that is both customizable and easy! There’s nothing more reliable than [...]

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