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While you have hopefully done a fairly decent job with your skin upkeep through the winter months, it’s certainly better to start doing so now more than later.

Enter: Supergoop.  This brand of sunscreen has a loyal celeb following….and now you can add our own Elizabeth Allen to the “IT” list.  Thankfully, she has done her due-diligence in bringing this sunscreen and line of skin-protectants into our stores just for you.

Supergoop focuses on supreme ingredients that have tremendous amounts of added benefits while meeting the highest standards for quality and safety.  The new belief (which is tried and true) is that suncreen can and should be worn each and every day.  This brand is easy and light to wear and packed with layers of goodness for you and your skin.

The following are offerings at our stores that will give a leg up on your summer skin…

Everyday Lotion: A wonderful, non-greasy 50SPF lotion that hydrates and keeps your skin super safe.

Glow Stick: A portable sunscreen stick that leaves skin with a glowy finish.  It also doubles as a face & body highlighter.  Glow and be protected from the damage-ridden sun?  YES!!!!!!!

Glow Oil: This oil is ultra-nourishing.  It also has sun protection that leaves skin with a glowy finish just like the stick mentioned above.

Whatever product you choose, know that your skin will not only be protected, it will look good AND feel good.  While the summer is a season of fun, let’s stay on top of our skincare so it can always continue to be.

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