Our e.box is the perfect way to celebrate someone (or yourself!). This custom option is exquisitely-catered from price point to content.  You name the price and a member of our e.Allen Stylist Team will personally cultivate a gift that suits whatever need is desired.  Major closet staples, fabulous jewelry, a great pair of shoes….you name it, and consider it done!  An e.box can also be purchased as a quarterly gift, arriving 4 times as SUCH a treat.  If you want to know more about this elite purchase option, contact us at orders@eallenboutique.com or use the form below.  Let us help put together an e.box for you and have it delivered in no time!

e.Allen Boutique e.Box Personal Shopping Delivered



packing e.SSENTIALS…

Getting away from dreary weather is a must these days.  While we haven't had the coldest of winter seasons, staring up into gray, overcast skies has become almost habitual. Insert: Spring Break 2020. No matter if your travel plans have you headed to the tropics, abroad, or anywhere in between, packing right will be key to a successful getaway venture.  While it is most certainly NOT rocket science, cramming what YOU deem as essential pieces [...]

spring preview 2020…

How on earth are we here?  We are literally standing on the brink of spring.  Heightened temperatures, sun-infused vacays, and a myriad of warmer weather happenings are all on the horizon.  With all of these exciting things that are creeping closer, our e.Allen Spring Preview is the ticket to get you haute and ready in no time! March 5th, all of our 3 locations (AND online) will be stocked with items waiting to jump into [...]

in a flash…

Sometimes something SO good is not worth waiting for...am I right?  We have all been there.  We see something insanely good; however, our conscious supersedes and convinces us to to wait.  While that feeling often is beneficial, in the fashion world not so much.  Ladies, when something is SO good....it's totally going to be ever-SO-gone! Insert e.Allen's newest clientele concept, the Flash Sale.  We have created a way for our Social Media-savvy customers to snatch [...]

step into spring…

When our owner and CEO Elizabeth Allen returned home from New York last fall, the excitement of what is to come in the fashion world was evident.  She, along with our insanely talented Social Media chair and head of operations manager, all returned echoing similar comments regarding the big trends they spotted and purchased for our booming e.Allen brand. While visions of runway shows and market showrooms occasionally blend together, SPRING 2020 is THE season [...]