e.box is now available and we are so excited for you all to experience this new way of personalized shopping! We will send you a box of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. customized to your personal style and size. You have two weeks to try on items and ship back only the merchandise you’ve decided not to keep… it’s as easy as that! The beauty of e.box is that you can customize it to your personal needs- you have free reign of the frequency of your e.box as well as the contents. For any questions or to order your first e.box, contact us at orders@eallenboutique.com or use the form below.

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food & fashion…

Everything in life is made in pairs.  Shoes, gloves, and socks are just a few of the many items that exist as a set of two.  A pair, in actuality, is defined as a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.   Food and fashion often co-exist together as a pair even though we often skim over that tandem without giving it much thought....but think about it.  When you are going [...]

yaas queen…

America's fascination with the royal family is continually growing. Years ago, Kate Middleton and her classy, regal style captured our hearts. We fell in love with her boy meets girl love story and all that was associated with her newfound life as a modern day princess. Over the past year or so, our infatuation with the English monarchy was reignited with Meghan Markle's unique and spontaneous courtship to Prince Harry.  Their passion for those in [...]

light as a feather…

Looking hot & feeling cool is a hard balance in the summertime heat.  With the temperatures on the rise, sweating and heavy fabrics are weights we just simply cannot carry. Thankfully, e.Allen buyers have done an outstanding job loading up on linen offerings to keep you easy, breezy, AND fashionably-fabulous this summer.  While the breathability of linen used to be solely seen in more basic pieces, top name brands are picking up on the need [...]

about face…

Here comes the sun...which better be accompanied by some fierce sun protection.  While looking fab in one of our new Karina Grimaldi embroidered tops or in a perfect pair of our James jeans, one must never forgot a wardrobe summer staple.  Sunscreen and sun protection must be a top priority when composing any summertime look.  After all, a burnt face detracts from a fabulous outfit...and we just can't have that, can we! In the grand [...]