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Gathering with your nearest and dearest should be something to look forward to…NOT something that feels like impending doom.  This season is the perfect one to get together with those you enjoy the absolute most and hosting a summertime supper is a great way to do just that.

So….you’ve invited your attendees and don’t know what follows suit.  While there is no perfectly-planned itinerary (nor should there be), we’ve jotted down some tips that make being the hostess with the mostest easier than you might initially think.

Hostessing success tips and tidbits are as follows…

  1. Tabletop Affair…Be it on the patio under the stars or inside to beat the heat, having your table ready for the night simply sets the tone for the evening’s entirety.  Summer lends itself to a less fussy approach so no need to stress about busting out your fine china!  Hester and Cook is a great jumping off point for some inspo.  From their bold table runners to eclectic tabletop accessories, H and C make entertaining easy.  Target offers a line of unbreakable dinnerware as well that makes it perfect for outdoor usage.  From patterned options to streamlined solids, Corelle is great to keep on hand for summertime suppering.
  2. The How-To…While nothing HAS to be followed to the tee, setting the table in the “correct” way can certainly help your guests feel special.  Martha Stewart lays out some fabulous guidelines so that your efforts for the evening don’t go unnoticed.
  3. Proper Placement…Where to sit can be made easy with assigned seating.  While none of us like to be told what to do, taking out the looming question of who to sit by can make a dinner actually more enjoyable.  Be it accompanied with a fun napkin or written on a simple notecard in a whimsical manner, placing certain personalities by each other (or away from) can keep the conversation moving and the way the night unfolds flow with ease.
  4. Menu Prep…While there doesn’t necessarily need to be a single theme, you do want to plan your meal in a complimentary, not competing, fashion.  Make sure your apps don’t contrast with your main course.  Don’t go super heavy with your main menu so that the favorite dessert you make goes uneaten.  By pouring adequate thought into your menu, your attendees’ bellies will consistently be filled!  And remember….if you are not the chef at heart, there is zero shame in calling in your favorite caterer or to-go locale.
  5. Nightly farewell…Close your evening in a memorable way.  Be it ending the meal with a nightcap or sending your guests off with a quirky, understated favor, adding a punctuation mark to the fun evening is a way to make them remember it.



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