Shimmer & Shine….

We all like to feel extra special every now and again.  May we suggest adding a little bling to your winter wardrobe to do JUST that. We hesitate to bring up embellishments and glitzy fashion suggestions at times because this trend can most surely intimidate when done incorrectly.  Thankfully, at market the options of GOOD [...]

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Dazed in Denim…

Fall and Denim...a team that has certainly withstood the test of time.  When the brisk air starts to settle in, the chic and casual feel a good pair of denim brings is unmatched.  While we all sport denim as a year-round fashion staple, fall is just the right time to showcase why denim reigns as [...]

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Neutrals are certainly the epi-center of e.Allen's essential style.  While modern French looks in classic colors like black, grey and beige certainly tug at our hearts (and our purse strings), this season we are seeing a bold take-over in the fashion world...and it's anything but understated. The spring and summer collections are full of colors [...]

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The Anatomy of a Cheese Board

While fashion is certainly number one on our fall priority list, fabulous food is near the top as well.  Every party, every gathering, and every other fall to-do includes food on its itemized list.  Just like there are fashion trends that withstand the test of time, certain elements of a menu are tried and true. [...]

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A Toast to 10 Years!

Ten years...how can it be!?  It is hard to believe that next month's celebration has been a decade in the making.  When e.Allen opened it's doors, it would have been absolutely impossible to predict it's future success in the fashion industry.  It is safe to say that it is quite amazing that the brand has [...]

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Scents of the Season

New season, new scents! We are huge fans of candles and you’ll often catch us trying out new scents in-store. We have a variety of aromas to fit every occasion and personality. Let’s shine some light on each of our candle brands and tell you our go-to scents: MAME Candles - “MAME Soy Candles is [...]

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Currently Loving: WildTree

I think we can all relate to hitting the dinner time slump and opting out of cooking an elaborate meal. With all of the hurdles life throws at us, why not make dinner with ease? We have recently discovered Wildtree, a line of natural and organic products and recipes with you in mind! Wildtree provides [...]

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It’s All in the Details

We’re closing in on the opening of our new and improved Murfreesboro location. With each passing day we are really starting to see the transformation of this new space into our dream flagship location! In collaboration with Shane McFarland Construction and Daffodilly Design, we’ve aimed to make your shopping experience the best yet! e.Allen Boutique’s [...]

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Sweat It Out In Style

I don’t know about you, but the summer season inspires me to branch out and try new and challenging workouts! Middle Tennessee boasts a great variety of fitness classes, both new and old, for those days when we crave a fun workout experience. Before you jet off to your first class, remember we have great [...]

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