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We have all been there.  THE perfect evening…THE perfect outfit…THE ungodly stain?!

Let’s face it, it happens to all of us.  Be it at a wedding event or during a hot date night out, a stain has happened upon some of our most favorite items in our closet.  While an immediate correction might not be available, there is absolutely no need to count your mishap as a total closet loss.

Thankfully, some determined companies have perfected some go-to formulas for getting out even the hardest to tame stains.  Having a remover you can use and trust is almost as essential as that handbag you have been eyeing or that jewelry you just can’t stop thinking about.

So…..let’s peruse some of our own Elizabeth’s faves.  As a mom of three and one that is CONSTANTLY on the go, we would absolutely classify her as an “expert”.


  1. FELS-NAPTHA – This tried and true bar has been a favorite for over 100 years.  All that is suggested is to rub the bar over the stain, let it set and permeate for a bit, and then voila…..wash as usual and stain be gone!  Getting rid of a stain should be just as quick as it was to receive! This bar won our hearts for getting make up off that feminine, ruffled neckline….or that lipstick stain off your hubby’s collared shirt:)
  2. COLGATE’S OCTAGON ALL PURPOSE SOAP – We love an all-in-one, and THIS baby does it all.  While stain removing is at the forefront, this soap can be used in the sink, as a bug bite or poison ivy remedy, and SO much more. It does a superb job at cutting grease which makes it ideal for cleaning oily surfaces or extra-icky clothing.
  3. GRANDMA’S SECRET SPOT REMOVER – For the man in your life that just can’t help but tinker with everything, this is your must-have remover.  Be it grease that has set in for sometime or that yard life hanging around on your gardening shirt, Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is the secret weapon for you.  Just a little drop is all you need.  It can be used on anything from carpet to cotton to even leather.  We love a versatile product; therefore, e.Allen is falling for all that this Grandma has to offer.  If your tween got a little make up happy or that baby of yours shared his/her formula with your shirt, THIS remover is a hands-down must.
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