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A good grilled cheese….is there anything better?!  Be it from your favorite, casual restaurant or one you whip up without thinking twice at home, a yummy one goes a long way.

While this classic sandwich is truly sensational in its original form, this season we are seeing a multitude of spins being taken on this American staple.  Be it a change in bread or cheese to an interesting add-in ingredient, we are loving how chefs and food critics alike are sneaking in some fun ways to jazz up a simply serving that we all love so much.

We scoured around a bit in compiling a short list of some local takes on this classic entree.  The following are a handful of ways we have come across….

Grilled Cheese Go-To’s…..

  1. The Grilled Cheeserie – The name says it all.  Nashville is loving the place dedicated to all-things-grilled-cheese.  From their B & B of Tennessee infused with bourbon and bacon to the Whipped Feta and Chedda, this locale has some of the yummiest sandwiches around!
  2. The Food Company – Green Hills is known for this casual jaunt tucked into it’s hustle and bustle atmosphere.  Their Bella Grilled Cheese is chock full of roasted cherry tomatoes and loaded up with 3 types of cheese.  A vegetarian delight, indeed!
  3. Fido – Head on down to 21st Avenue in Nashville and snag a delish Brie L.T.  This yummy option has tomato marmalade and triple cream cheese. With a big serving of bacon tucked inside, this one is a hometown homer for sure.
  4. Red Bicycle – Not Your Mom’s Grilled Cheese is the epitome of the South.  Made with smoked bbq pulled chicken, this method of making a grilled cheese is anything BUT the norm.  While this pop in restaurant certainly has the standard basic option, we highly recommend this fun take!
  5. Puckett’s Grocery – From Frank to Nashville to Murfreesboro, we are lucky enough to have a Puckett’s nearby.  Their grilled cheese is a sure-fire way to enjoy the classic done JUST right.
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