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Welcome to e.Allen, an upscale, wardrobe-building boutique that specializes in styling and assisting clientele in selecting original pieces that appeal to their own sense of style.

We offer designer collections for women in every category—ranging from high-end denim to statement-making jewelry to embroidered, delicate blouses. Be it a complete look for everyday wear or a unique piece for a special occasion, e.Allen is ready to assist you and your fashion needs.

Owner, buyer, and CEO Elizabeth Allen’s known for her deep sense of style and notoriety on the fashion circuit. Her ability to identify capsule wardrobe pieces and sprinkle in JUST the right amount of trendsetting touches keeps her on point, relevant, and oh-so chic. Her fashion sense, confidence, and natural passion for all things fashion funnel down into her e.Allen customers with ease. The respect surrounding communities have for her and her decade-long booming e.Allen brand is proof that Elizabeth’s talent is beyond unique and one of a kind.

Elizabeth’s vision and desires for growing e.Allen is ever-evolving; however, one key element will always remain the focus of her vision. Lead by her esteemed leadership, e.Allen wants to empower customers to build an original wardrobe filled with pieces to mix and maximize investment. Customers are inspired to select quality clothing that helps them to create a style unique to their life and daily outfit rotations.

e.Allen’s growth is the product of hard work and determination combined with innate style and smart fashion decision-making. With Elizabeth’s leadership, the success of e.Allen is certainly admirable and insanely unique. We invite you to visit us at any of our three storefronts in the Middle Tennessee area or online at eallen.com. A store is only as fabulous as its customers….and we know ours will forever remain envied by their fashion circles and esteemed in their communities. Building a fashion sense builds confidence. We would be honored to assist you in gaining both.

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Our Story

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