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Spring is here!  I am so excited about the upcoming season. The arrivals each week have me beyond excited about what’s to come and are all SO good!  I can’t wait to share each and every purchase we made at market with you.

While I certainly get excited about all-things-e.Allen, I also love sharing fabulous finds and non on-brand products I am loving.  Starting off each month, I am going to do my best to share my faves with you.  

Let’s get things started and see if any of my “IT” products become yours as well!


  1. Better Day Co. Greens//Known as the best-tasting daily dose of greens, this all-natural energy supplement helps you feel as wonderful and complete on the inside as you appear on the outside.  I can certainly tell you with 110% assurance BetterGreens is a must for spring for me….and quite possibly for you, too!  For those watching cholesterol or blood sugar, it’s a must.  I love the arctic pop flavor and swear by a scoop of this goodness daily.
  2. Negative Bra//I am wearing Negative bras 24/7.  They are insanely comfortable and are somehow supportive but not restrictive. The line’s simple and sexy styles are perfect for everyday function without sacrificing daily personal style.  I am currently obsessed with the sieve triangle option.
  3. Original Boujee Body Oil//My skin drinks this right up giving me a gorgeous glow.  While originally only available in roll on form, this oil now comes in a larger amount that leaves your skin looking AND feeling ever-so-fresh.
  4. Breda Brand Watches//When I was recently in NYC for market, y’all……my jaw dropped!  These watches are incredibly sleek and modern.  With no chance of going out of style and at a respectable price point, Breda is a name worth knowing for a grad gift, Mother’s Day token of affection, or perhaps just for yourself!
  5. Kenra Platinum Working Wax//I love a sleek look, and this wax is mu current must have product.  It provides a non greasy appearance and holds pieces in place JUST so!
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