packing e.SSENTIALS…

Getting away from dreary weather is a must these days.  While we haven't had the coldest of winter seasons, staring up into gray, overcast skies has become almost habitual. Insert: Spring Break 2020. No matter if your travel plans have you headed to the tropics, abroad, or anywhere in between, packing right will be key [...]

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The Gift of Travel…

While a solitary gift is nothing to scoff at, the gift of a good getaway is one that truly possesses the capability to keep on giving in the days and weeks to follow. While all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season provides us with a good reason to get dressed up, a [...]

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Wheels up…

While some of us are counting down the days to fall break beach vacays, our e.Allen founder and her partner in crime are mapping out their next buying trip at New York market in the days to come.  Elizabeth and Megan are a winning combo in the fashion world.  They are market-savvy to the extreme [...]

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Now Departing…

Trip time is upon us...and thank goodness!  After surviving the dreary winter weather, it is time to pack up some fabulousness and get to traveling!  Whether jetting off to a tropical destination or driving down to a family favorite-location, e.Allen has been hard at work stocking up on looks that will suit any size, any [...]

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Take Me Away…

The Tennessee winter weather hath begun.  Fabulous fall weather was stolen from us as we plunged deep into icky wintry conditions mixed with lengthy cold and bleak days.  However, have no fear, my fellow fashionistas.  e.Allen's resort wear is already coming in HOT. Perhaps you are sneaking off to somewhere warm over the holidays? Maybe [...]

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Travel Trends

August came out of nowhere. September flew by.  It is absolutely crazy to think about how quickly autumn has arrived! With the temperatures fluctuating and on the verge of dropping, it's a sign of what is to come.  Thankfully, it is safe to say that every single fall fashion trend and closet staple has arrived [...]

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packed to perfection

Whether you are attempting a last-ditch effort for a fun excursion with girlfriends or venturing off on an annual family vacay, e.Allen is stocked with travel-friendly options to suit any location.  Be it a dress to don for brunch with relatives or a two-piece set that screams the end of summer, fabulous finds abound at [...]

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Nashville Fashion Week 2018

Since its inception in 2010, Nashville Fashion Week has continued to flourish year after year. We’ve been introduced to new designers that are now fixtures in the Nashville fashion scene and brought in world-renowned designers such as Christian Siriano and Timo Weiland. NFW 2018 is April 3-7 and, whether you’re making a trip to out [...]

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Staycation Vibes: How to make the most of a day in Nashville

Traveling during the holiday season can be intense, to say the least. When you’re craving a break over the next few months, forgo an out-of-state trip and take advantage of one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, Nashville! Music City boasts so many unique events and experiences that are sure to make the short [...]

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Summer Purse Essentials

Tis’ the season for trips galore! Whether you’re embarking on a beach trip, staycation, or cross-country adventure we all have our bag essentials that we refuse to leave home without. In preparation for our summer vacays, we asked a few of your favorite e.Allen ladies what their purse essential is this season. These items are [...]

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Travel Recap: Canyon Ranch

We love nothing more than discovering a new destination to get some R&R, especially after the crazy holiday season. Our very own Elizabeth visited Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona last month and reveled in the opportunity to bring the focus back to her body and mind. Canyon Ranch is an all-encompassing resort, that boasts a [...]

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