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The heated debate and commentary ignited by Gen Z has most certainly gained attention and momentum in recent weeks. Regardless of what side your birthday falls on, strong opinions and self defense have been out in full force.

Millennials, which is the generation born between 1981-1996, are not letting the younger TikTok users bash their fashion without a fight. Notorious for showcasing 2 predominant traits, they’re standing their ground and firing back in a hilarious generational debate.  Though the younger, Gen Z crew is bashing the infamous side part and skinny jeans tandem, “Team Millennial” is standing firm in it’s roots.

e.Allen has decided to be the peacemaker.  After all, in the world of fashion there is ZERO need for hate.  Instead of calling out and pointing fingers, we have pulled some of our spring fashion faves that truly meet the needs of both sides.  While dressing one’s original style is key, at market our e.Allen buyers snagged up some amazing pieces that suit any lady’s needs….from generation to generation:)

So ladies, let’s get to it.  Our top 5 generation-less pieces that don’t identify age BUT are true markers of style are as follows….

  1. 90’s Loose Fit Denim in Flash – THE jean for the spring and summer.  Young AND “old” love a white jean.  The mild distressing keeps the look relaxed and casual but the bright white keeps it fresh!
  2. The Parker Short Long – Available in both white and standard blue, these AGOLDE shorts are a great length for spring shoppers.  Paired with a boxy button down and some of our espadrille sneakers, this is the epitome of a good on-the-go look.  Perhaps add a straw tote for an extra warm-weather punch!
  3. Cassie Crop  – Pistola is a great staple denim to add to your closet.  At a good price point which obviously is attractive to anyone’s wallet AND style, this pair is a perfect addition!
  4. Rosalie Top by Karisma – This periwinkle hued sweater screams spring.  While the Gen Z crew might pull the drawstring up a wee bit higher to show their taut tummies, those in a slightly higher age range might prefer it paired with high-waisted, yet loose fitted, denim mentioned above!
  5. Urson Boot – In white or tan, this boot is a fabulous shoe for year-round wear.  Some pair these with cut off denim while others opt for them to complement a gauzy floral frock; regardless, these shoes will turn heads without revealing your age.

It’s a tale as old as time.  Everything comes back in style again one day. Regardless of if your comfort zone is a side part and skinnies or whether it is a middle part paired with boot cut or straight leg denim, e.Allen has stocked merchandise that works for all.  Let us help you have fun with today’s fashion regardless of your debate team this season!

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