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The top beauty products are often in the eye of the beholder.  We certainly all have different tastes.

However, getting a little guidance and having a brief rundown of some of the very best beauty products that are out there can certainly help weed out some of the products that are no where near the creme de la creme!

After perusing reviews, beauty articles, and peering into some of our favorite followers’ accounts, our team has drafted up a mini lists of musts for you as this year begins to come to a close.  Perhaps some of what’s to follow can make its way into YOUR stocking:)


  1. Dior Glow Veil Make Up Primer
  2. Damdam Citrus Glow
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Blush
  4. essence Baby Got Bronze
  5. Liquid Eye Shadow
  6. Surreal Extension Mascara Falsies
  7. Maybelline Eye Brow Gel
  8. Louboutin Red Lipstick
  9. Strawberry Glow Recipe Drops
  10. Beauty Light Wand

While certain ones are to be used on their own, others can be combined to make winning combos.  Hitting some overall makeup trends that are circulating this season are a good place to get some inspo.

  • Hailey Bieber has led the pack on a new trend, the strawberry girls. This aesthetic is all about achieving a tonal, strawberry-hued, glow that’s perfect for the season we are in. Think of it as the clean girl aesthetic, but with an ever bigger focus on blush and lips.
  • NY fashion shows had lit-from-within glows that put the focus on natural features.  Think bold brows, hair texture, and bone structure.
  • The shimmery, futuristic look will continue its refractive reign in 2023.  A soft-though-playful palette will head on into the next year as well for spring!
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