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With spring break and seasonal events coming down the pipeline, it’s time to come out of hibernation.  While some of us have slacked off with our exercise regime and loaded up with red wine on winter evenings, taking baby steps to get back into shape is easier than you might think.

Insert: RESETS.  Resets are an efficient way to give your body a quick, fresh start.  A solid foundation is key to success, and this method does just that….gets you back to the basics.  This buzz word is often used in the health world and multiple businesses have honed in on the concept. Let’s take a peek at some offerings that have garnered our attention….

Kroma: This 5-Day Reset is unlike any detox or cleanse on the market. Each day consists of 9 delicious meals and beverages. No starvation here. Kroma’s revolutionary program is customized to your taste and goals and works seamlessly with your lifestyle.  Kroma guarantees proven results in just 5 days.

E + Rose:  This Nashville-based juice company focuses on your whole self. In ridding your body of the toxins of the past, this program works on getting you to glow from the inside out.

I Love Juice Bar:  This brand’s resets (available in both a 24-hour and 3 day option) and grab and go juice options are all outstanding. Juice Bar’s founders understood that wellness didn’t have to be high maintenance and that prioritizing nutrition shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste. From a Tangy Pitaya smoothie made with dragon fruit to a blue-hued Morning Riser juice option, a variety of offerings abound.

Let’s get moving an shaking this spring.  With a little rewiring, our bodies will be ready in no time!

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