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Our e.Allen staff certainly varies in personal style. While some head in to work in casual, yet complete, outfits, others arrive in elevated looks that are as crisp and polished as they are impressionable.

While fashion allows variance from person to person, so does what pleases one’s palette. One bowl meals seem to be in everyone’s meal rotation these days, and we all certainly have a favorite go-to.  This month, our team decided to delve into the world of delicious bowls and to share our favorites with you.

The beauty of bowl recipes is that they are super versatile and pack a lot of flavor into a single dish.  From grab and go options to ones you can make with on-hand ingredients, let’s go over the rundown of our picks and see if your tastebuds agree!

Megan has a tried and true bowl preference that we give a nod of approval to as well.  Poke Fun is a local favorite pop in that has a cult like following….especially for it’s delish volcano bowl.  For lovers of spicy food, this sriracha and jalapeño filled bowl is right up your alley.

Lex has found a bowl that any vegetarian will fall in love with.  Her sweet potato bowl is loaded with veggies and filled with flavor.  While this bowl does have quite a few steps,  the results are certainly worth the additional effort.

Kelsey‘s egg roll in a bowl is a delicious nod to asian cuisine.  Packed with shredded cabbage and other veggies while seasoned with garlic, soy, and ginger, this bowl is perfectly suited for lunch and dinner, alike.

Tabitha loves our local Munch restaurant’s cheeseburger bowl, and we have found a similar version that can be recreated in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Imagine the ingredients of the all-American staple minus the carb-filled bun.  Topped with any condiment, make this one your own.

Maggie loves an easy dinner recipe and these chicken burrito bowls please littles and parents, alike.  With the convenience of a slow cooker, these bowls can be personalized with favorite baja toppings.

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