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Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  It is one anticipated by all of us after making it through another school year, another haphazard weather season, after climbing yet another “mountain”…..

While fellowship with friends and/or family is the core of what the long holiday weekend is about, food is an integral part as well.  So….what makes the cut and what makes food prep as easy as possible in order to enjoy it?

The following are some possible pick-ups from local favorites to add to your Memorial Day “picnic basket” this year.  With tasty bites and delicious options, we can help you enjoy this year’s holiday with ease and satiable satisfaction!

In and Around Murfreesboro….

  • Domenico’s//Known for it’s killer sandwiches, this is a great spot to snag some items to tote into the weekend.  Their custom charcuterie options are fabulous for a larger group or extended family gathering!
  • Slick Pig BBQ//In keeping up with the Americana theme, Slick Pig is a standout choice.  Ribs, southern sides, and dare we say THE best peanut butter pie are all options to order ahead and pick up on the spot.
  • Juicy’s//For the vegan or those on a healthier food kick, this local jaunt is incredible.  The Peggy Sue or Southwest Crunch Wrap would be a perfect lunch for those picnic-bound and their kale and quinoa salad is delicious add on.

Nash-area finds….

  • The Picnic Cafe//For those in the Belle Meade area, The Picnic is as delicious as it is iconic.  Their chicken salad and pimento cheese can be picked up by the pound while individually packaged sandwich options are available as well.  The Boulevard and traditional egg sandwiches are local faves; however, if you need a few additional pick ups we have to mention their wrapped asparagus and cucumber mini sandwich catering options….OMG!!!!
  • The Puffy Muffin//If you are in and around Brentwood, the Puffy Muffin is a fab spot to grab some deliciousness.  The Club Creation is a tried and true frontrunner while the tuna and chicken salads are easy honorable mentioners.
  • The Food Company//A little revamp can go a long way.  While The Food Company has been around for quite some time, it still is referred to as a hidden gem. The BLTabc is a clear winner for us; however, the Ultimate Club and the variety of veggie-sandwich options have us wanting to branch out a bit!  With a solid grab and go section as well, you can plan ahead or pop by on your way OOT!

Franklin pick-me-ups…

  • Merridee’s//Yum doesn’t even begin to cut it.  If the words Monte Christo or Reuben don’t pull you in, the scent of ALL of their insane baked desserts and breakfast pastries will do the trick!
  • Taziki’s//Located on historic Main Street, this greek chain would be so delicious to pop into a picnic basket for a pop of flavor!  From their Signature pasta served all weekend long to faves like whipped feta dip, pita with taziki, and chicken roll ups….the options are endless and all are on point.
  • The Whole Foods Market//Pop by our Franklin location and then slide on by Whole Foods for your one-stop Memorial Day Weekend shop.  Packaged options are easy to grab making everything from fresh fruit to apps options for your gathering.





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