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Nothing is better than New York City this time of year.  The holiday spirit is in the air, and the city is never more nostalgic.  To look the part of NYC, though, one MUST dress the part.

Elizabeth loaded up the ladies and headed to the city just in time for the holidays.  From high tea to broadway to squeezing in some last minute shopping, no stone will be left unturned.

So….what would our E be toting along to look fab as always?  Let’s hit on a few high points, shall we?

  • OUTERWEAR//It’s COLD!  Staying fashion forward and not freezing in the fabulousness the city offers is imperative.  From Pistola’s ankle length puffer to their shorter options that hit at the waist, this line has nailed outerwear and perfected the look NYC is known for.
  • SHOES//Walking all day long begs for street-ready footwear. The neutral lug sole option or the Woven H2O in black options by Dolce Vita are two great pairs to consider.  While we love all of our tennies, the Chicago by Gola is a fave to stow away in your suitcase for days that include extra sightseeing.
  • DENIM//No one wants the bottom of their pant leg in the city streets; therefore, all of our cropped denim would be recommended to pair with any dressy and/or casual bootie.  From our standard MOTHER style to our newer cuffed option in a dark wash, our selection is loaded and ready.

In a few weeks, we will be excited to share some more into E’s trip to NYC.  We know she always looks fabulous….so you know that itinerary is as well!

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