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Elizabeth’s recent NYC trip was a fabulous one (aren’t they all?!)

In 48 hours, her crew packed so many memories into a brief trip that set their holiday break in motion.  Upon landing, the group hit the ground running and took in some of the latest and greatest sights that the city has to offer.  While certain elements were tried and true faves, integrating some new experiences were on the agenda as well.

While Broadway often ends up at the top of the list, determining which show to catch can be a daunting task.  For Elizabeth, MJ was the show of choice! Michael Jackson’s unique and unparalleled artistry arrived on Broadway in a brand-new musical, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The choreography and the creative elements of this epic show was unmatched compared to those in years past.

Moving on. While The Plaza is certainly a tried and true NYC staple, the girls wanted to try a new twist on the legendary afternoon tea.  The delicate cuisine at The Darby combined with the pristine aesthetics made for THE perfect gals outing.  Their twist on the traditional tea made the experience feel a tad more modern and updated.  Due to its colorful and super-fun environment, it was a nice updated experience and just perfect for the teens.

After all of their trekking, where this crew put their heads down at night had to be paramount.  The luxe environment of The Landham located in midtown was easy to get to and was just what Elizabeth had in mind.  The generous, oversized rooms gave adequate space for all the unpacking and being on 5th provided the feel the ladies needed during their time in NYC.

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