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The fall often lends itself to a little vacay at just the right time.  Be it a beach getaway with the fam for fall break or a weekend adventure for just the two of you, a little caveat to everyday busy-ness is often just what we need.  While e.Allen is known for nailing a complete look, our buyers have seen an increased need over the years in travel products for their customers.

While we certainly nail the handbag trend season after season, adding bags that lend themselves to efficient travel is an area we have recently added to our lineup.  Regardless of where you are going, our stores have recently released some amazing products that will make your travel a little less stressful…and a lot more fashionable.

Our Top 3 Traveling Musts…

  1. Make Up Pouch//Your make up has to go wherever you go, right?  BTB Los Angeles make a great carrying case that easily stores all you need.  This compact, yet generous, pouch can hold all of your musts and keep the bronzer and blush from spilling onto anything else in your suitcase.
  2. Stuff Travel Tote//If pink or cream catches your eye, this case also by BTB is a great one to grab.  From chargers to hair accessories to beauty needs, this carrying pouch has multiple uses.
  3. Carry On//This is probably our favorite traveling companion ever.  Available in white or black, this bag is the perfect size for carrying on a plane or toting on an overnight.  With individual dividers enclosed, everything has it’s own space.  It also is a fab accessory to the right outfit as well!
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