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With any new year, the thought of renewing one’s self from the inside out is often on the agenda.  The same concept, believe it or not, could be said about developing a sense of personal and individual style.

An individual’s style begins in her closet–plain and simple.  That is where all of the “ingredients” are for a perfect ensemble or on point for an upcoming outing. Closets today are a true reflection of personal style and organizational savvy ways.

The idea of a clutter-free closet might seem impossible, but current closet organization ideas prove otherwise. Between interior design inspiration and organizer hacks, it is possible for a closet space to feel decluttered and have extra space for shoes, handbags, and all those T-shirts without having to jam it all onto the top shelf.

Let’s direct some of the musts to take into 2024…as well as INTO your closet:)

Organization Ideas:

  • Group clothing by category and attempt to create zones for your clothes.
  • Colorize within each category. It’s truly like a filing system within each one.  Not only will it help you zone in on the hue that’s needed, it is incredibly visually appealing.
  • Put your wardrobe on display for easy access.  Everything needs to be where the eyes can see.
  • Look up for added storage.  You can get extra storage space by installing a high shelf for seasonal clothes and infrequently used items.
  • Make sure that everything is on the same monotone hangers so the clothes are visible….not the hanger.
  • SEASONALLY declutter your closet.  Our in-home closet edit service offered here is THE perfect gift to yourself or for a special someone.

Must-Have Products:

  • Slim Wooden hangers such as these!
  • Laundry Sorter….a fabulous organizational tool and perfect for minimizing the daunting laundry chore.  We are in love with this cost-efficient one!
  • Clear totes are a must when it comes to storage.  The Container Store is a wonderful go-to for various size options.
  • For a fab site that has just about everything you need for closet organization and storage, peruse here.  It’s such a good point of reference with everything from drawer dividers to visually-appealing storage bins and baskets.
  • A good jewelry display is fun for the eye and THE perfect outfit assistant.  From hanging options to acrylic jewelry box styles, this is a personal option with a big impact.
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