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We have all been on hosting duty at some point.  Whether it is your passion to do so or not, it is an undisputed fact that having a gathering or event at your own home brings additional stress that other attendees simply do not have to deal with.

Elizabeth Allen believes that walking into ones home should always go hand in hand with a “must” as a given accessory.  Insert:  THE HOSTESS GIFT.

Determining what to tote with you as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation can be a bit daunting.  Instead, let’s get excited about thinking outside of the box at some great options as we approach a busy season of holiday happenings….

e.Allen Offerings….

  • A headband for the hostess is a personal gesture that is right up our alley!  From floral-adorned options to sleek knotted ones, finding one that suits your hostesses’ style is easy.
  • Coinpurses are always a good, fun touch to take with you.  Available in a variety of styles and color ways, they can be a personable as the lucky recipient is!
  • Our candle game is always incredibly strong.  From Ranger Station to branded options, we are always a one-stop shop for your scented needs.
  • Our hand creme might be one of the most overlooked sensations in our store.  While packed into a tiny package, this sanitizing hand creme is as yummy as it is beautiful and sleek to look at.
  • Roll on Riddle oils…..these are super tiny yet super effective.  Since they are easy to toss in the smallest of clutches, these are highly recommended for young an old, alike.


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