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The highly anticipated spring and summer seasons are upon us.  After a long winter, we are all likely itching to get some vitamin D these days!

While shopping for dresses and denim cut offs can leave most of us aching for some color on our legs, it is SO important to remember that being kind to one’s skin NOW will always benefit the skin we are in on down the line.  Getting outside is wonderful for our mind, body, and soul; however, we must remember the care we take in protecting ourselves from the sun must go hand in hand with the joy we often instantly receive from it.

With summer finally here, time spent outdoors is inevitable.  Before you pop out of your house, let’s go over just a few tips that might help just a bit!  First, sunscreen is a must on your face.  Even if you are having a day full of errands, the sun that penetrates through a car’s windows or what hits your sensitive skin during your outdoor coffee session can you leave you with far more than just warm cheeks!  The following are a few of our fave picks for facial protection:

  1. Supergoop – Mineral, tinted, you name it…..this new brand is taking all of the IT Lists by storm.  Their options leave a dewy, glowy finish with sun protection and major hydration.  We say a win-win!
  2. Elta MD – A variety of skin types will reap benefits when using this zinc based brand.  This line is easy to use and lasts a looooooooooooong time when faced with bright UV rays.
  3. Sun Bum – This line’s mineral based 30 SPF facial lotion is a celebrity fave. While it doesn’t last quite as long when combined with a dip in the pool, Sun Bum’s lightweight formula provides great protection and a dewy glow when laying out.

Second, protecting your arms and chest is so important as well.  Your chest hasn’t seen any sun since LAST season; therefore, adding additional sunscreen to your décolletage is imperative. The brands all mentioned above offer wonderful complements to their facial sunscreen options.  Finding the right weight and formula will make putting it on habitual rather than a pain.

Last, let us at e.Allen “top off” our skin savers with the suggestion of a GOOD hat.  From baseball NASH caps to a brimmed hat to a summer straw staple, our 3 stores (as well as online) have a myriad of choices.  Keeping 1 (or maybe a couple) on hand for on-the-go wear will help you stay fashion forward and skin savvy.  It’s a personal choice that totally reflects your sense of style; therefore, take your time trying on all the styles and select which one feels the most like YOU!  After all, your face is the primary beneficiary of the purchase.

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