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Stepping out of corporate America to pursue a passion can be a scary step to take; however, for the founders of The Spark Collection, it was one that has paid off in more ways than one.

The Spark Collection is based on a permanent welded jewelry concept.  By adding a piece to your accessories collection, you are giving depth and elevation to your overall style and selecting something memorable and special.

The steps are simple….

  1. Select a chain (14 carat gold, yellow gold, and white gold options)
  2. Chain can then be made into an anklet, bracelet, ring, or necklace
  3. Fit is then based off of lifestyle / temporarily attached to make fit perfected
  4. Finally….welded and attached for permanent satisfaction.  Insta-worthy protective glasses are worn in the process to ensure safety, of course!

e.Allen has decided to jump in on the fun and offer pop ups at our 3 flagship stores.  By offering a curated selection of chains, we know that you will easily find a piece of welded jewelry that suits your original style and overall satisfaction.  The dates for you to join in on this exquisite experience are as follows:

Franklin:  July 21st from 12- 4pm

The Gulch:  July 15th from 12-4 pm

Murfreesboro: August 11 from 12-5pm

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