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While what we are wearing certainly can be a head turner, so can our face!  In order to lay a solid foundation for ANY look, your skin and the appearance it makes upon every single daily encounter most certainly makes an impression.  So….I am thinking you want it to be a positive one!

Our very own Elizabeth Allen is truly infamous for her flawless complexion and overall vibrant skin tone.  Upon meeting her, you are instantly captivated by her glow.  I  decided to chat with her and get the low down on what she does to be picture perfect in no time flat.  After all, who has extra time on their hands?

E’s steps to a fabulous summer face….

  1. Prep your face with your designated facial wash.  If you have any topicals JUST for your skin’s needs, apply those as well.
  2. Next, Elizabeth applies Revisions Intellishade SPF 45. She is a huge proponent of this line because it’s easy to apply, has amped up sunscreen, and is also lightweight to the touch.  SPF is a step many so often leave out and it truly is the most important one.
  3. Applying Bare Minerals’ Performance Wear Powder to control shine is next to follow. Summer heat can most definitely cause some unwanted sheen so this powder halts it in its tracks!
  4. Elizabeth follows her powder by applying her Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick. It’s the perfect amount of color without overkill.  The sun is already generating some added color so no need for a bold application.  She is such a fan, she also elects to pop some on her eyelids for continuity of the face.
  5. For her final bit of oomph on her skin, our E loves her Lit Up Highlight Stick.  By applying to the tops of cheekbones and the bridge of her nose, this little stick works wonders in highlighting the areas we want to the most.
  6. Last, let’s not forget about Elizabeth’s envious eyes.  On her eyelashes, Lancôme’s Cils Booster XL is a MUST she says.  It primes her eyelashes for mascara to make it have the extra pop and doe-eyed effect that is the envy of all who meet her! Hypnose Drama is the icing on the cake for her mascara of choice.
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