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No element of e.Allen’s lifestyle brand happens without a significant amount of forethought and devoted time.  Our new packaging release is certainly no exception to that rule.

After many hours of team discernment and product combing, our infamous Elizabeth Allen was thrilled to unveil a new line of gift bags and merchandise detail that dropped in stores and online this week.  While many elements of e.Allen rarely change, there comes a time where cohesiveness and staying ahead of the fashion curve must prevail.  Our gray detailing has always been given the seal of client approval; however, our new cream background with warmer, tan-hued font is resonating clearly with us all.  From initial customer response to our entire team’s enthusiasm, we know that this leap that was made in our branding was one worthy to take.

Branding is literally what keeps our brand on top and ahead of the rest.  Just because a product has been bought, it doesn’t mean the job is done.  Where you see the price, how your purchase is received, and anything in between…..all are elements of our lifestyle brand that matter to us.  We want for e.Allen customers to have an experience and not just check a needed box.  So it’s safe to say….. the perfect paper…the perfect pantone color….the perfect ribbon…you name it, it has been thought about and analyzed a multitude of times.  While no one can be perfect….we sure like to be dang close!

We hope you enjoy and reap the benefits of this needed change as much as we did in creating it custom and JUST for you.

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