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Barbie is such an iconic figure and serves as a piece of most every girl’s pastime; therefore, the July 21 release date of the hit movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling cannot get her quickly enough.

With the anticipation of the movie, all-things-Barbie has been a recurrent theme throughout the summer.  From pink-inspired ensembles to whimsical commercials and advertising innuendos, riding the coattails of the phenomenon has been profitable for most.

Barbie was founded in 1959 by Ruth Handler.  She was a mother and entrepreneur whose inspiration for Barbie came from watching her daughter project her dreams and aspirations onto paper dolls. Sporting a black and white striped bathing suit, red lips, and a sassy blonde pony tail, Barbie made a big splash from the moment she was put out into the toy market. She was the first doll in the country with adult features and would go on to become one of the most iconic playthings in history.

From careers to hobbies to fashion, we have watched a myriad of options come down the Barbie pipeline connecting with girls of all ages.  The same imaginative opportunities these dolls give is the exact same vision Handler had when Barbie was first “born”.  Margot Robbie is reaping the benefits of Barbie’s capabilities; therefore, her fashion game for the upcoming movie is beyond strong.

The Aussie beauty replicated the 1960’s Solo in the Spotlight Barbie in a dazzling Haute Couture strapless gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Manolo Blahnik heels…..a look we all would envy!! At a recent Los Angeles moving event, she posed in a Valentino minidress based on 2015’s Pink & Fabulous Barbie.

While we may not be able to pull the trigger on the same name brands as Robbie does, a Barbie theme is present with many of our recent arrivals.  From SMYMM’s retro vibe to Monrow’s coordinating bubblegum set to MISA’s latest maxi, we are feeling the pink and feeling like a present day Barbie as soon as we slip into them.

Barbiecore is a trend that seems to really be bubbling up in the fashion world.  The colorful aesthetic exudes confidence and fun — something we at e.Allen will happily take more of.


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