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Elizabeth Allen and Megan Warren are an amazing tandem in the fashion world.  Since e.Allen’s conception, these two leading ladies have had an amazing way of balancing each other out and working together in order to make each and every buying experience a successful one. Their recent trip to Atlanta was no exception.

After a multitude of online buying sessions, Elizabeth and Megan were thrilled to get to head off to market in Atlanta, Georgia recently.  While they have maintained their long-standing relationships with their reps throughout the pandemic, nothing can replace the experience of actually being AT market.  Our gals soaked it up and came back thrilled about purchases for spring 2022 as well as tying up loose ends for holiday.

Report-wise, they felt a slight shift from “set” buying.  While there is most certainly still a place for a good combo, loungewear was taking a backseat to clothing that made more of a bold statement.  

Mod prints, feminine florals, and suiting were all migrating into many of the lines e.Allen carries.  With events on the horizon and and to-do’s filling up the calendar, designers seem to be creating garments that make you feel more “dressed” for a given occasion.  A sense of optimism was brought about by the bold color pops and fancy, yet relaxed, styles.  Fun pattern play was evident throughout blouses and dresses alike.  

There were a handful of tried and true trends that are sticking around but taking on a new spin.  Both felt that the western trend is most certainly here for a bit longer.  From button detail to color palette to the prevalence of all-things-denim, market was packed with elements that give a continued nod to this style.  Fringe detail is an interesting addition that has been snuck onto pockets and hems…such a fun way to exhibit the wild Wild West in a whimsical manner!  A second lingering trend is athleisure wear. While not limited to wearing to and from the gym, designers are integrating a bolder, more statement-making approach to this beloved style.

To touch upon ALL of the high points of ATL’s market is simply too hard of a task.  Just like our buyers, we know that for you to come in the store to touch and see and feel our arrivals is  the way to do it.  So…..pop by and see for yourself.  We are so excited about what is in store for the fashion world and therefore, what is in store FOR YOU!

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