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Mother’s Day is days away.  While some have bought THAT gift weeks ago, others might be scrambling to find a wonderful gift that honors the momma-figure in their own lives.  Thankfully, e.Allen has so many must-have gifts that suit young and old and everything in between!

Our buyers scour market in search of gifts that they know will suit individual taste and style.  Be it a bold accessory or an understated, yet fabulous, bag, let’s touch upon a few items that might be the ticket to the biggest smile come Sunday!

Last Minute Mother’s Day Musts…

  1. Handbags: Our handbag collection has never been stronger.  From huge totes that hold just about anything to personalized clutches that add character and personality to any outfit, pop by to select one that is perfect for the momma you have in mind.
  2. Earrings: From big, stately sets to smaller, dainty options, our earring choices are endless.  We have such a wide selection and the price points greatly vary; therefore, finding the ones that suit your recipient and your wallet is not a daunting task.
  3. Pajamas:  All mommas need some extra love come nighttime.  Why not help them end their day just as fashionably forward as when their busy day began?
  4. Bracelets: Create a stack or select one that makes a statement on its own.  Our beaded options are just as lovely as our layered, gold ones!
  5. Candles: Elizabeth LOVES a good candle.  From our chic, muted color tones to ones in a cobalt-blue, our scents for each and every one are so yummy that this is a staple gift that is sure to please anyone.
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