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It’s pumpkin season!  From Starbucks to restaurant cuisine, all things pumpkin-inspired are out in full force.  While the focus is often on what pleases the palate, seasonally-infused beauty products might just be what your skin is in need of.

No matter where you fall on the side of the seasonal shift toward the flavoring, there’s something to be said about the power of the great pumpkin. It is a powerful exfoliant, making it a powerhouse ingredient for a brighter, more glowy complexion.

Let’s touch on some of the favorites for 2022.  Sneaking in this ingredient into your skincare in some fashion will certainly earn approval from your skin….and others.

Pumpkin musts…

  1. The mask//Help make dull, rough skin a thing of the past!  This shower mask by The Body Shop cleanses and exfoliates skin with ease leaving you with THE perfect glow.
  2. The serum//This amazing serum is loaded with antioxidants….including pumpkin extract!  This particular extract makes dead skin cells be gone in an instant leaving you with a dewy, fresh face for fall.
  3. The peel//This product visibly improves texture and illuminates tone for soft, revitalized skin. It is also known for smelling like a pumpkin spice latte….so yum.
  4. The oil//From acne prevention to minimizing stretch marks, getting back to basics with this oil is simple and beneficial.
  5. The exfoliant//Super gentle but yet strong enough to clean your pores, this exfoliator is great this season.  A great scent PLUX antioxidants?  Yes, please!
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