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Fall and denim go hand in hand; however, the seamless conjunction of these counterparts is one of the biggest relationships in the fashion world heading in to close 2021.  The Big Bang effect that denim is having is one we simply cannot skimp over or merely mention.  From virtual runway shows to reps that popped by our headquarters for a line viewing, blue jean-esque items have been everywhere.

For starters, let’s discuss our typical “jean” trends.  If you haven’t gotten ahold of some good high-rise, straight leg jeans, now is the time.  Elegant, yet everyday-chic, they are suited for any occasion at anytime.  They are tailored and pretty much look good on any figure.  Long story short, you will get some good mileage out of each and every pair!

Flared and wide leg representations have also been spotted along with pairs sporting creative waistlines and donning patchwork elements.  Baggy jeans balanced out with tee-tiny tops in body-con materials is a look that the younger crew is sporting.  As long as that look is done appropriately, it’s certainly getting the big stamp of approval.

Dresses are another way we have seen some designers integrate the material into more garments.  From midi length to minis,  e.Allen has already had some arrivals pop in that prove denim is not just meant to wear as a base.  Paired with a good pair of textured booties or a sleek OTK chocolate boot, dresses are a fun way to up the ante of denim in a dressier way!

A wide array of jean shirts have remained high on many stylists’ lists for coveted buyers.  From understated puff sleeves to western button detail, finding the denim shirt that suits your style shouldn’t be a daunting task this season!  Buttoned and tucked in for a ladylike, feminine silhouette or left open over a tank for a casual effect, a denim shirt is a great way to complete a look and hit this trend head on!

Last but most certainly not least is the denim jacket.  While most of us have had a boring one in years past, the fun, interesting options arriving at e.Allen are SO on point.  Extra distressing and quilted detail are just a sampling of the ways that designers are making this staple jacket so much more fashionably fun.

Denim is truly one of the most reliable materials and tried and true items in our closets.  Investing in some new staples and dabbling in a new trend or two is a way to stay ahead of the fashion curve….and sport this all-American look in a GOOD way.

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