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Our favorite local florist, Lori Sain Smith, has taken the time to give us the low down on how and why incorporating fresh flowers in your home is important. With warm weather on the way, I know i’ll be taking advantage of these helpful tips during summer and beyond!

Surrounding yourself with beauty is good for the mind. There is power in the aesthetics of spaces. An easy way to uplift your spirits and enhance your creativity is to add fresh plants and cut flowers to your setting.  Nature provides the basic fulfillment of our sensory needs in sights and smells. Bringing nature inside is easier when you make it a part of daily living.

“There is a pure and simple beauty to the ordinary rhythms of our everyday lives.” -Kathy Davis. You don’t need to wait for big celebrations to incorporate flowers into your routine. Put a few fresh blooms in your cart when you shop at the grocery, then add fresh cuts from your yard for a unique work of art. Rosemary, boxwood, laurel and viburnum are common in landscapes and provide the perfect touches of green throughout the year. Of course, Spring provides us with fresh blooms of daffodils and tulips, irises and lilacs.

Seasonal potted plants are beautiful additions to countertops and accent tables. We love maidenhair fern, bird’s nest fern, rosemary and ivy for classic seasonal touches. If you’re not always successful with growing real plants, the cost of these potted varieties is low enough that you can toss when the plant is done.

You decide where these fresh touches work best and bring you the most joy. A centerpiece is common, but sometimes unexpected placements are just as good. We love placing by the kitchen or bathroom sink, on your kitchen island, on an entry table and by the bedside.

With love, Lori


Check out Lori’s work and take advantage of her services by visiting her website or connect with her on Facebook.

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