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Aesthetics go a long way, don’t they?

The interiors of our 3 amazing stores in Murfreesboro, Franklin, and Nashville in The Gulch all have their own unique characteristics and special additions that make them the inviting and warm shoppes that they are.  e.Allen has prided itself on providing elevated fashion in an intimate, inviting environment where women can walk in as clientele and leave as dear friends.

While these storefronts are certainly the bread and butter of e.Allen (along with all of the amazing fashion inside), our e.Allen Headquarters (HQ) is the heart of the hustling, bustling, and booming e.Allen brand as a whole.  Every item that hits the floor, every image of product classified as a new arrival, and just about every to-do has been funneled through HQ.  The individuals that call HQ their home bring their best to the table in an effort to set the tone with what funnels down into the three stores and their employees.  While no day is the same, each day certainly falls under the “productive” umbrella.

While no daily to-do list mirrors another, a few of the happenings at HQ are as follows:

    • TEAM MEETINGS: From gatherings solely focused on by the interior HQ team to lead meetings to entire e.TEAM meetings, our headquarters houses any meetings that include pertinent information. These meetings are great brain storming sessions that solve current issue, propel new ideas, or regulate effective communication amongst e.Allen team members.
    • PHOTO SHOOTS:  One of the aspects that certainly helps e.Allen maintain its lead in the fashion industry is updated product detail.  With our weekly schedule photoshoots, our team is able to upload new merchandise to the website so viewers can order asap.  While certain boutiques in the South carry a handful of the same brands, e.Allen is able to get fresh arrivals to clients SO much quicker by having our model in house, trying it on, showing you what we are getting in literally within days of receiving.  Our personal photographer and videographer are invaluable tools not only to us at HQ, but to our customers as well.
    • LINE VIEWINGS: Covid most certainly changed this aspect of the fashion industry….no doubt!  Thankfully, e.Allen already had an up and running home base; therefore, viewing lines and discussing product questions/availability/ordering detail became a to-do that was added with ease for us.  Elizabeth and Megan, our top two buyers, are able to easily discuss what purchases need to be made and ask questions that need answered in the intimate, yet professional, environment e.Allen’s HQ offers.
    • DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS: From collaborating and drafting new e.Allen brand items to event planning to advertising layouts to instagram and social media content, HQ is where it all happens.

Communication is certainly a key component to success. With e.Allen’s clear vision and layout, HQ is the perfect spot for effective decision making and is truly where the fashion magic begins.  Our leads to an amazing job creating the perfect environment for their staff to meet their customers’ needs…..and it had to start somewhere now…didn’t it?

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