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With the intermittent season of spring, NOW is the perfect time to add a special something to those early evening cocktails with friends.  Enter….the charcuterie board.  While once only ordered at restaurants, these boards filled with yummy combinations of foods to treat anyone’s palette are popping up everywhere.

The fun aspect about these delicious additions to the table is that you simply cannot do it “wrong”.  Whatever route you go with what to put on yours, make it original….really just like YOUR own individual style!  The purpose of them is to gather together with the one or those you love and enjoy. What can go wrong with that?!  Especially before it gets too hot and foods can potentially go awry, NOW is the perfect time to integrate the sensation that has been catching on just about everywhere.

So…let’s get moving and shaking.  The following are some simple steps to begin building your board:

  1. PICK YOUR PLATTER – The base of your board dictates a great deal.  How many are you feeding? Is it an intimate plate for two to share or an al fresco event with friends?
  2. SHAPE EXPERIMENTATION – From the ramekins holding nuts or candies to the feeling you want to visually create, play around with how you want your board to appear.
  3. SELECT FOODS ACCORDING TO SETTING/THEME – This is the heart of your board!  Have fun with it and think about the feeling you want your guest/guests to have when noshing on these goodies.  Is it a holiday-themed board?  Sneak in some pops of candy that coordinate.  Is it an Italian-themed larger dinner party?  Well, then amp up the meats and bold cheeses.  Whatever route you are going, let your imagination run wild at the grocery.  Pick a variety of colors, sizes, and know that integrating multiple food items will keep your guests eating away!
  4. ASSEMBLY & STYLE – Creativity is key.  Don’t try to “copy” a board you have seen via Insta.  It won’t work.  Let your board fill up and take it’s shape naturally and organically.  Have fun creating lines (be it wavy or straight) and fill in from there.  The more fun you have with this final step, the more those eating with you will enjoy it!
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