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Spring is usually the perfect time to update your wardrobe. This year, however, it has been all about loose fit knits and loungewear. While I can’t deny comfort is crucial when it comes to staying-at-home outfits, I had started to find myself daydreaming about the fun, frivolous looks I would like to wear when it feels right to go out into the world again.  That time… now.

While some are ready to get into THAT restaurant before the waitlist grows too long and others are just in need of a girls night on the porch, it’s time to get back to personal style.  No need to pull out the glittery ball gown; however, let’s tip toe back into the fashionable 2020 waters together slowly BUT surely.  

Times of great trauma also produce moments of great creativity as we attempt to process what we have been through. The functional side of that is fashion.  I think we have ALL been through an array of emotions by this point. I think our changed selves need to emerge in a vision that says “hello……I am back…..AND better”.  While what we were most certainly not define us as a person, it does make an impression.  Let’s get back into the swing of things by taking it up a notch from what those near and dear to us have seen us in since March.  

While coming back into society, a few suggestions from our stylists are as follows:

  • Bella Dahl classics are perfection for the lady who is striving for casual-cool. While drawstrings and easy weights are at the epicenter of this fashion staple, the monotone color palette and ability to take on a Califonia-esque cool are qualities that make it perfect for hot summer nights. Be it casual cocktails with neighbors or going in for that much-needed pedi, adding Bella Dahl to your wardrobe is a must.
  • Loose weave sweaters are a great compromise of slouch touched with the perfect amount of style.  Show Me Your Mumu and Wooden Ships are favorites of e.Allen.  Both brands produce knits that can be a perfect topper for a cooler evening.  Whether going out to a casual restaurant or hanging with friends, front tuck a loose knit sweater available in a variety of color ways and call it a day.
  • Let’s be honest.  Leggings are forgiving and that’s why we LOVE them.  The good news is so is a light, gauzy summer maxi.  Free People has put out some insane options that are ready for you to slide into.  Fresh arrivals in bold, summery stripes are also a great match for someone who is ready to make a big splash back into society.
  • Great ready and get set!  Instead of trying to figure out the perfect combo to put together, let us save you the trouble.  Sundays and Bella Dahl have some easy sets out that are great for summer.  Pair a top and short set with some of our great embellished flats or a solid, statement earring and get ready to receive your first fashion compliment of the summer season!
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