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Whether all over or subtle, leather is a page that should be inside every woman’s fashion book.  2020 has kept our fashion hindered a bit; therefore, it is time to celebrate the world fashion invites us into time and time again.  Expressing yourself and your originality can come easily with the textured fabric staple of leather.  While new takes on this forever-trend are certainly popping up in our stores and our amazing website, the longevity of pieces from this fashion family can withstand the test of time.

Leather is truly one of the finest materials. It somehow majestically evokes luxury just by a glance.  In fact, it is probably one of the only statements in fashion that has stood the test of time with elegance. By incorporating new ways to wear it, designers can keep leather options up to date without making it dated.  How?  We truly don’t know.  What we at e.Allen DO know is that the fall of 2020 is the perfect time to add it!

Blazers and biker jackets are a solid place to start.  Adding tailored turtlenecks or popped-collar button downs underneath give off such a streamlined appeal that can go from day to night.  Pistola, BLANKNYC, and French Connection are all brands that e.Allen turns to when needing to find either outerwear option.

Skirts and shorts are also a great way to sneak leather into an ensemble.  While flirty enough with their visual appeal, leather bottoms are perfectly paired with a band tee, feminine blouses, and other easy add-ons to nail that perfect fall look.  Sen produced a fabulous pair that our buyers snapped up at market.  With a tank topped with a solid blazer and any of our fabulous neutral booties, this look is on trend and ever-so-perfect for a fun night out with girlfriends or a chic dinner date.

Some of the freshest takes on leather seem to center on the beauty of femininity. Puff-sleeved blouses in cream and black…and emerald-hued shirtdress…. a pair of drawstring, figure-hugging joggers…all of these scream the “return of the woman” for fall 2020.  We can’t wait to show our customers what leather options are out there for the current season.  While fall in the South is most certainly not quite yet cool, e.Allen has done an insane job making sure that leather will be making it’s clientele more “haute” than ever before.

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