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I think we can all relate to hitting the dinner time slump and opting out of cooking an elaborate meal. With all of the hurdles life throws at us, why not make dinner with ease? We have recently discovered Wildtree, a line of natural and organic products and recipes with you in mind!

Wildtree provides you with non-perishable items and recipes to revolutionize the way you make dinner. The responsibly sourced Wildtree products that you purchase can be used in a wide range of recipes, ensuring fun and new dishes at your dinner table. With themes such as ‘Get Your Grill On’ and ‘Backyard BBQ’, this service is also perfect for dinner parties and travel!

Founder, Leslie Monty, says, ““I didn’t know I’d be starting a company, all I wanted was to make dinner. My kids had dietary restrictions, so opening a box of store bought macaroni and cheese was not an option. I needed to create meals that were nutritious, delicious, unprocessed, and easy to prepare. Mostly, I wanted to make dinners my family would love”.

Check out all that Wildtree has to offer here or find your nearest representative to help get you started! 

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