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Before your feet hit the floor, the anticipation of THAT first cup of coffee is often already instilled.  The smell and the initial taste of that first sip is just SO good morning after morning.

While everyone’s exact coffee ritual is never the same, it is a common bond amongst coffee enthusiasts to have fan favorites that go into making that cup just what it is….perfection. There are two types of coffee people in the world today….the person who simply needs caffeine to wake up and the person who takes the whole ritual very seriously. Regardless of which end of the pendulum you swing from, the following are some recommendations from baristas and coffee perfectionists that might up your caffeine game just a tad.


  • Light: For a morning sipper that won’t knock you down, we are loving La Colombe’s lighter roast options.  From their Guji Natural to their Costa Rica Harmony, any of this brand’s flavors are sure to get your day started right in a somewhat subtle way!
  • Medium: Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend is a never fail fave.  While bold enough to get you up and moving, it pairs well with just about any counterpart from flavored creamers to sweet additives.
  • Bold:  The name says it all.  Death Wish is known for it’s pop of flavor and a taste that will stop you dead in your tracks…in a good way of course! Known for being the best whole coffee beans in the world, this brand is getting rave reviews for it’s jam packed flavor and overwhelmingly high ratings amongst those who believe “Go big or go home”.

Once you have your base just right, some other players come into the coffee game as well. While gadget shopping can certainly be a bit overwhelming, the following are just a few add-ons that make your coffee set up on the strong side.


  • Stojo on the Go:  This collapsible cup is so fun…to look at AND to drink from.  Made in a material that keeps the heat in and your fashion game strong, it’s a win win with this fun coffee carry on.
  • Williams Sonoma Frother: Want a yummy “cherry on top” to your coffee?  Try a frother!  Our very own Elizabeth Allen got some of us hooked on the sweet way to top off that cup of Joe by using one. While it adds consistency to your dollop of sweetness, it also makes it into a foam that disperses well throughout your drink.
  • Nex Coffee Cannister in Rosegold: Keeping all of your coffee items in a single spot is so helpful.  Insert the Nex canister with scoop and date tracker.  This vacuum sealed container will keep your coffee fresh and scoop on hand for easy use.
  • Smeg Automated Coffee Maker:  If you want the creme de la creme of coffee makers, ladies…..she is it!  This one stop shop is available in three color ways with a steamer added into it’s production.  Coffee loves, THIS is your luxe must have.
  • Burr Mill Coffee Grinder:  If grinding your own beans is a step you have the luxury in time to take, this Williams Sonoma grinder is a fab purchase.  In order to get the best cup in the end, putting this item into the forefront of your rotation is a great option.
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