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Prioritizing at the start of a new year is such a must.  While setting goals and resolutions are lofty goals, having a solid foundation to begin with is imperative.

Instead of highlighting weight loss or implementing a new workout routine, how about exercising…..your mind.  Time and time again, it has been proven that journaling can be like a quick hit of therapy. It can be emotionally intense and healing.  It can also just be a fun way to escape the craziness of everyday life, and let your brain have a momentary vacay.  It is also a wallet-friendly way to check in with yourself, and see the true direction you want to go.

For a beginning “journalist”, this whole process might feel daunting and even stressful; however, releasing thoughts can be beyond liberating and healthy.  The key to a successful experience is to begin by being honest with yourself.  Honesty in your heart, your mind, and in your soul will allow truth to come out through your pen and onto paper.


  • Keep it simple.  We all make things far more complicated than needed; therefore, just get a pen and paper…..and go!
  • Privacy is likely the best policy.  This is a gift you are giving yourself.  Keep your thoughts and feelings in a bubble so no one can accidentally pop it!
  • Consistency is key.  Once you begin your journaling efforts, continue to do so in a regimented way.  You will be surprised how natural recording your thoughts and desires of your heart can be.
  • Start with something you know.  If a blank page seems intimidating, begin by writing the basics (where you are, what day it is, the environment you are in, etc).  Just getting the pen moving is the hard part!
  • Enjoy.  Yes, you heard me….enjoy it!  Don’t get caught up in what the product should or should not be.  The beautiful thing about journaling is that there is not set bar.
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