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When the festive holiday season rolls around, we tend to fall into the category of “what’s more is more”.  When it comes to  nails, however, the trend is leaning the opposite direction.

Let me be the first to say this does NOT mean boring nails are in.  What the mani forecast is showing is subtle detail and careful craftsmanship.  Instead of favoring a festive overload, we are seeing elements of understated classicism with an edge…which we truly falling head over heels for!  This keen attention to detail allows for fashion to be at the forefront and a magnificent mani to serve as the ever-so-perfect counterpart.

Throughout 2021, we saw the return of the French manicure and the prominence of sparkle.  As this year comes to an end and 2022 begins, nail design is STILL integrating those two trends but bumping things up a notch. We are also seeing the gaining popularity in classic pink and crimson red.

For starters, gold dusting has been creeping in as the temps have started descending.  This makes a standard manicure feel a bit more special!  From a dollop in the middle of the nail to sneaking it in along the edge, adding a drop of metallic is a great way to up the ante on your fashion game in a glam-neutral manner. Silver sprinkling has also made it’s presence known.

The holiday French manicure has also migrated onto the hands of fashion tastemakers.  By sneaking in red or emerald tips, you can feel festive without being too over the top.  This minimal color along the tip makes your mani much more versatile.  If that bold color is still too much for your taste, try using the silver polish mentioned above instead of the traditional French mani white.

Though glitter doesn’t seem toned down, in the right color it most certainly can be.  Neutral colors such as a champagne or those with a gray undertones are compliments to most any outfit.  It can also provide the “special” feeling to the nails that you might be wanting for THAT holiday event.

A new trend that has snuck into the mix is vertical line design.  Be it flush to the left or right or simply down the middle, this scaled down nail trend’s popularity is on the rise.  From using a standard black to a stripe of subtle sheen, have fun dabbling in this trend while it lasts.  While it may be more seasonal, we are liking the thought process behind it and how it elevates a look for sure.

While fashion certainly sets the standard, allowing one’s nails to play their own special part is super fun as well.

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