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As the new year begins, expectations about how the upcoming year will unfold is often at the forefront of our minds.  While time is the only way to truly know the how the future will unfold, astrologers are always abuzz this time of year about how birthdays reveal a great deal.

Overall, 2023 is no cake walk.  There will be big changes, challenges, and mountains to climb; however, after the past few years we’ll take this year on with wide open arms.

Let’s do a mini breakdown of how YOUR year is looking, shall we?

ARIES: You are learning to stand out and be ambitious.  Prepare for some major life events, and trust that people believe in you, and you can shine like the bright star you are.

TAURUS: Keep those that are good for your spirit to be around…and ditch those that are not!  You might lose some crew members, BUT your spirit and soul will thank you. Financially, get ready to take a leap in efforts for financial success.

GEMINI: All of those “favorites” and wishes you have will head your way this year. Congrats!  While tough work will be required, your life will be rewarded in big ways.  It’s better for you to spend more time with your nearest and dearest….they will be the ones helping you achieve this positive reality.

CANCER:  Hate to say it….rocky roads ahead. Relationship hiccups will occur; however, instead of going the doom and gloom route, look at this as a season of preparation.  Build up your budget, maintain daily routines that benefit your mind/body/soul, and focus on all things that go along with a firm foundation.  All of this prep work will pay off in big ways down the line.

LEO:  Whatever “partnership” you have been dreaming of, go after it.  A deep relationship, via love-life or financially beneficial, is going to blossom in a big way. Big challenges in March and May will come…..keep your eyes on the prize.

VIRGO:  Deep breaths, sweet friend.  This year won’t be one for your highlight reel BUT there will be fabulous fragments AND lots of growth.  Though past friends and exes might reappear, you”ll be cutting ties with those needed, and there will be a huge connection between people and profit this spring!

LIBRA:  While you are all about balance, your relationships are anything but and spring and early summer will be full of drama. The best way to maneuver this is with a piece of humble pie.  Take the initiative to move forward financially and use your magnetic personality for your own benefit.  This is the year you begin to be firm and not take less than what you deserve.

SCORPIO:  Real connections, both personally and professionally, must take precedent.  Focus on the “being” rather than the “having” until the summer to experience true joy and long lasting happiness.  Love-wise….this is the year you find what you are looking for.

SAGITTARIUS: Prepare for the flashbacks….which will aid in helping you appreciate and look forward to the future.  By the spring, your bank account and your love life will be reaping some major benefits.  While initially focusing on the what if’s and the thoughts about what you should have done, this year unfolds with so many amazing new ventures, feelings, and positivity.

CAPRICORN: Yes, you are normally inclined to be cool/calm/collected.  That being said, open up a bit to shake things up and experience a newness that is actually exciting and welcomed.  Redefine your views on both money and love…opening a new door might not necessarily leave you “chill” per usual, but it will pay off…..BIG TIME.

AQUARIUS: So you have always been a smarty pants of the zodiacs….but be cautious.  Those words and actions might carry over some negative consequences.  By the spring, you need to put your values into practice and achieve financial stability.  Prioritizing beliefs will help your overall happiness occur with ease.

PISCES:  Be true to yourself.  There is no one like you and this year’s astrology is teaching you to double down on that virtue.  Desire is key.  It’s okay to be nervous about going after what you want, but go for it anyway.  This is a year for you to speak your mind, especially if you are telling someone how much you love them.  This is a year you will benefit by being your true self AND going after what your soul yearns for.


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