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Let’s face it….most everything looks better with a tan.  From white denim skinnies to a gauzy graduation dress, a bronzed skin tone just radiates warmth and can miraculously complete a good look.

The appearance of just having landed from a warm-weather vacay doesn’t have to have the cost of wear and tear on your skin.  Thankfully, self tanners and bronzers have come a loooooooooong way.  We are here for it AND loving the perfect hue some of our e.Allen-approved options can give you.

As always, start by some solid exfoliating and deep moisturizing.  Having a firm foundation underneath a bronzing element will increase both longevity and richness in color.  Now…let’s get to the good stuff.

e.Allen’s “Bronze Medal Winners”

  1. Invisi Foaming Tan Water: This water is amazing.  Just apply by rubbing it onto your skin.  As it absorbs, it turns into a hydrating mousse that skins right on into the skin.
  2. NARS Monoi Body Glow: An oil that gives the perfect, translucent shimmer?  Yes, please!  An added benefit is the yummy scent this NARS product gives off.
  3. Iconic London Sheer Bronze: Vegan products have become so hot on the beauty market and for good reason!  Infused with plant extracts, this formula contains an advanced soft-focus complex leaving A healthy-looking, flawless, dewy sun-kissed sheen.
  4. GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer: While never one to push their own product, we have to mention this brand-produced bronzer via Goop. For a soft, flattering glow, this featherweight lotion is magic on skin. For your legs, chest, etc…..anywhere is a go!
  5. Wet N Wild Bronzer: We love a good drugstore, wallet-friendly options and this one is a MUST.  Applied to the places sun hits the most, Wet N Wild delivers in a big way.


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