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Beauty products are an essential (and fun) part of almost everyone’s daily routine. We are constantly trying new products, chatting about our faves, and sharing our tips and tricks with our circle of friends. Today we have one of our favorite tips to share that is both customizable and easy!

There’s nothing more reliable than a drug store lotion. Regardless of brand, there are plenty of lightly scented or scent free salves that you can mindlessly grab and know it’s going to get the job done! Though dependable, many of these products would be that much better with a fresh scent tailored to your tastes. One of our favorite hacks is to simply add a few drops of essential oil to your favorite lotion. Sold online and in most health stores, you can add a combination of multiple or stick to your favorite oil and enhance your moisturizing experience! Not only is this an addition to your daily beauty routine that you won’t regret, this makes a great gift! Place your favorite moisturizer + oil combo in a vintage glass jar, pair it with a few additional e.Allen beauty finds, and you have an infallible present that anyone is sure to love! Check out a few of our favorite combos below and tell us, which scents will you try?!

Basil + Sandalwood

Lavender + Cedarwood + Chamomile

Cinnamon + Orange

Grapefruit + Ginger

Rosemary + Pine + Lemon

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