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Here comes the sun…which better be accompanied by some fierce sun protection.  While looking fab in one of our new Karina Grimaldi embroidered tops or in a perfect pair of our James jeans, one must never forgot a wardrobe summer staple.  Sunscreen and sun protection must be a top priority when composing any summertime look.  After all, a burnt face detracts from a fabulous outfit…and we just can’t have that, can we!

In the grand scheme of things, buying the wrong accessory isn’t that big of a deal. Brush your shoulders off and save the stress. There is always another event to wear THAT perfect outfit to.  On the other hand, your sunscreen is the one product you need to be able to count on 100 percent — no ifs, ands, or buts.

With the wide array of products available to shield your face from damaging UV rays, there is zero wiggle room in allowing you to opt out of sunscreen application.  Maybe you break out easily?  Maybe you hate the heavy feeling of it caked on your face?  The litany of reasons to leave it off is endless; however, with some time and attention your finding the perfect fit for sunscreen is just as important as finding the perfect shoe to polish off a complete look.  We’ve pulled together a mere sampling of options available at a couple of different price points to get your brain moving in the right direction.

Our talented and chic friends at Ashley McFarland Aesthetics are huge promoters of skin protection.  While they certainly can work miracles to reverse sun damage, Ashley McFarland and Blair Akers are both HUGE prevention advocates.  Elta MD Skincare is a fabulous line that they carry and have readily available for you to pop in and purchase.  From acne-prone skin to tinted protection, the wide array offered by this product line is astounding.

If you need to stay on the lower cost end of the spectrum, local drugstores all carry solid sunscreen options for you as well.  Aveeno and Neutrogena both have roll on and squeeze-applicable screens that would work wonders protecting your skin.  Ulta, Amazon, and Dermstore are also online retailers that have sorting through sunscreens paired down according to your skin type.  If you can keep yourself protected AND looking younger with the simple click of a button, there simply are not excuses.

It’s 2019, skin cancer—and premature aging—is a real thing, and it’s officially time for you to do some intense adulting and sun-proof your face.  Adding an e.Allen ball cap, Lack of Color fedora, or a large Michael Stars woven number would also be a great finishing touch…..of course:)

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