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We love nothing more than discovering a new destination to get some R&R, especially after the crazy holiday season. Our very own Elizabeth visited Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona last month and reveled in the opportunity to bring the focus back to her body and mind.

Canyon Ranch is an all-encompassing resort, that boasts a mix of services and programs that renew and inspire. From wellness programs and the spa to the life enhancement center and healthy dining choices, this is truly a place to bring the focus back to YOU and the things you hold near and dear. At e.Allen, we encourage all of those surrounding us to better themselves, in any way possible, and to spread positivity to those around you. Whether that means taking a vacation similar to e.’s or simply taking an hour at home to focus on yourself, we challenge you to work towards revitalizing your mind, body, and spirit over the coming weeks and see what a difference it makes!

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