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Handbags, jewelry, and shoes have a tendency to hog the spotlight.  For a true, original look and to up your fashion game a bit…..what really pulls an outfit together is a good belt.

Be it a a classic white shirt and jeans or a gauzy dress, many other great outfits rely on a belt to complete the look.  Our stylists will absolutely tell you that adding a belt to any outfit will make you look more polished and pulled together.  Cinching a belt around your waistline evokes a sense that you know where you are going and you are making a purpose in looking pulled together getting there.

After quite a few seasons favoring loose and undefined thanks to Covid, 2022 has given us new life in fashion and belts are a forefront of that. We often hear the words “add a belt” from our founder Elizabeth Allen, and as you can imagine, her influence and take on all-things-fashion are spot on.  While one made for an office-inspired look alone, slipping a belt on with just about anything is like the perfect punctuation to your fashionable sentence on a given day.

For a good basic belt for beginners, grab an Eliana belt.  Available in three neutral color ways, this belt will give your wardrobe a fun new accessory to play with.  From pairing with a billowy blouse and white denim to breaking up the monotony of a solid romper, the Eliana is a great piece to start with.

If you love a good western look, our Wesley belt is right up your alley.  Pop one of these on with a band tee, cut offs, and booties for a broadway night out.  For a more tailored take, adding a Wesley to a black poplin or body con dress adds some definition and excitement to a typical LBD.

Last but certainly NOT least, we have got to mention our Ryder Braid Leather belt. From the luxe color to the unique shape of the buckle, this option will be turning heads in no time. Pair with an all-white ensemble for a chic look or with hunter green as the safari look continues it’s popularity.

Hopefully, these mere suggestions are getting you to at least ponder the thought of adding a new accessory this season.  Though a belt can be a slight investment item, many are year-round options which makes their longevity priceless.

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