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At e.Allen, we are always trying to remain on the fashion forefront bringing you the best that our industry has to offer.   At market, our key buyers simply do not leave any stone unturned.  While sticking to our bread and butter, they also love to expand on what our clients love and find new lines that no one else in our general area has to offer.

Each season, we are thrilled to unveil our latest “it” brands.  We certainly love our tried and true staples; however, we get super excited about new musts that suit our lifestyle brand.  The following are a few select ones worth mentioning along with some recent new additions from seasons prior.

Our latest picks…

  • Hemant & Nandita:  This line is simply stunning.  This line set out to create timeless pieces that carry an Indian-inspired influence and feel.  This line was developed not to follow trends, but it was designed to transition from season to season with elite style and unmatched detailing.  From exquisite necklines to fabrics that create depth and interest, this line is a hands-down fave.
  • Xirena: Elizabeth is DYING over the upscale feel and “elevated” look this collection is carrying into e.Allen for fall 2022.  From casual blouses to pair with bigh waisted denim that evoke all-things-boho to dresses that will withstand the test of time, Xirena is certainly bound to bring many capsule pieces to this season’s wardrobe as well as moving forward.

Repeats worth mentioning…

  • Sancia:  This line is back and better than ever.  While originally noticed for handbags, our buyers loved the brand so much they integrated some clothing buys into the fall 2022 round up. The recent arrival of their maxi skirt and linen dresses have us thinking Meghan Markle style at a welcomed price point for e.Allen customers!
  • Karina Grimaldi:  This line is super feminine with just the right amount of subtle cutouts and detailing.  For the special evening with a significant other or ladies night out, Karina Grimaldi celebrates the intricacies of the female figure while leaving enough to the imagination to keep things classy.
  • Chanel Collection: Back and better than ever before!!! The current Chanel capsule collection contains pieces that would make any jewelry box owner jealous.  The Chanel button-infused items we have chosen are sure to go rather quickly.
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